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Protecting Personal Information

The recent iCloud hack in China goes to show we must take precautions to protect our personal information.  Just as a basic practice, use different passwords as much as possible!  The iCloud hack was targeted to intercept usernames and passwords through a spoof site mimicing iCloud.com.  Therefore, if you use the same password for iCloud [...]

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Virus Protection Through AVG CloudCare

Did you know there are 10,000 viruses produced each day?!  Protect you or your small business with AVG CloudCare.   We offer not only virus removal for $69.99, but we are also provides for AVG CloudCare! AVG CloudCare is an amazing source of protection against viruses, malware, and spam through AVG AntiVirus and AVG Email Security. [...]

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Battery Backup

Do you know if you are protected?!  We recently came across a situation were a $10,000 network was using a $10 surge protector, which in most cases these are actually just power stripes.  Unfortunately, a power outage from the last big storm completely damaged the hardware due to lack of proper surge protection.  This caused [...]

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Water Damage on Devices

If you happen to have a phone that becomes water damaged(ie. dropped in a toilet, took a swim), the first thing to do is make sure your phone is off.  DO NOT try to use it as you may cause an electrical short in the board.  Next. put it encased in rice to absorb the [...]

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Feeling Overwhelmed by this ever changing world of Technology?

Do you feel overwhelmed by this ever changing world of  technology? Feeling a bit Overwhelmed? Trying to figure out what in the world to do with all those wires? What connects where, and why? Just want to sit down and use your computer, printer, etc? Call today for you on-sight assessment. We will evaluate your [...]

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Are you wondering if you need a backup solution? YES!!

Are you wondering if you need a backup solution? Do you use a computer? Do you run a business? Then the answer is YES! Disaster Recovery ~ Data Protection Keeping your business running seamlessly, is our business! We customize  solutions,  ensuring  your data is current, secure and quickly accessible, should you ever be faced with a technology [...]

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Critical zero-day endangers all versions of Internet Explorer

Critical zero-day endangers all versions of Internet Explorer -- and XP isn't getting a fix Ian Paul@ianpaul Apr 28, 2014 6:22 AM Hackers have uncovered the first bug that could put Windows XP users at serious risk, after Microsoft ceased support for the aging operating system less than three weeks ago.On Saturday, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer [...]

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iPhone 5 Repair SPECIAL! $99.00

iPhone 5 Repair SPECIAL! $99.00 Call or stop in the store to set an appointment, repaired while you wait, 30 minutes. Mention this (Facebook) Special to get the $99.00 rate 817-485-FAST(3278) Go from THIS- to THIS!         How Long Does Levitra Last the imagination can come to an end and then the sense not really helps [...]

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PCMag Tips How to Buy a Laptop

How to Buy a Laptop  Given the mind-boggling selection available today, picking the right laptop can be downright daunting. That's why we're here to help. By Brian Westover   November 14, 2013 Contents How to Buy a Laptop What To Look For in a Laptop Beyond Plastic Under the Hood Buying an Extended Warranty The laptop [...]

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