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Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal

A computer virus contamination on your laptop is a real nuisance. Even for a notebook expert, removing a virus from a notebook can be a time consuming and irritating task.

A number of viruses are designed to reinstall themselves even after they have been found and eradicated. Some viruses inscribe themselves into the registry of your PC, so they are loaded as soon as you boot up your notebook.

Of course you should keep your anti-virus software up to date. But still that is not always successful in preventing an infection – especially if you frequent shareware or sites containing adult content.

To remove a virus infection:

1. If you are using a Windows operating system, visit the Microsoft Update website and install the latest updates. This may detect and eradicate the virus.
2. Microsoft now have a ‘Malicious Software Removal Tool’. Type this into Google or Bing and follow the instructions.
3. Go to your anti-virus manufacturers website and download the latest updates. Then perform a scan of your PC.

I have tried this and it has not worked!

Some viruses will in reality disable your anti-virus software. If you cannot access your anti-virus application or you remain seeing the same malware pop up after the scan, you will probably find that the virus has written itself into the registry.

Now this moves into advanced PC virus removal. You need to be careful when rewriting the registry file because it tells Windows which programs to start up when when booting the operating system. Unless you are competent with desktops you are best leaving this to a virus removal professional.

So you are an expert!

OK, run your anti-virus program. If it will not run in Windows, reboot your notebook in Safe Mode and run it from there. It will probably find the virus even if it can not kill it. Note down the file names of all the viruses, malware, worms and any other suspect files it lists.

Now you may require a second notebook for this, of course, but type them file names into Google or Bing one at a time. you will find that somebody out there on the World Wide Web has come across these viruses and you will quickly determine which is the most malicious. This is more than likely to be your problem virus.

Now, you will most probably find that someone has written very exact instructions on how to eradicate this virus. If the source seems to be dependable, then by all means follow the advice.

Alternatively, open up your registry file. Look for the particulars of your malicious virus – probably in the boot file. This is the file you need to remove – But! Before you remove any files, make a backup copy of your Registry folder. Accidentally eradicating the wrong file could make it very hard or even impossible to run your PC properly.

Delete any file associated with the virus or malware the list you made. Now reboot your PC and run your antivirus software again. With a bit of luck nothing else will pop up and you have removed the virus.

If you still find problems with your laptop – do not panic! You have done your best. It is now time to either take that laptop down to a PC repair business or call a computer virus removal expert.




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