//Nanotechnology to Waterproof Your Devices

Nanotechnology to Waterproof Your Devices

So how many gadgets have you lost to water? Be honest now. We’ve all had a phone fall into the sink or an iPod go through the washer.We’ve heard the stories of the cellphone in the toilet and we try not to think about how it ended up there in the first place.

You found that great new recipe on Pinterest only to end up knocking over a glass of Chardonnay when you try using your tablet while cooking.There’s a new hope on the horizon for accident prone technophiles, at for least accidents involving liquids. A British firm P2i has developed a spray-on nano coating that renders solid surfaces impervious to liquid.

The patented polymer, Aridion, works by lowering the surface energy so that liquid beads up and rolls off without being absorbed. With a thickness of 50 nanometers, which we all know is the thickness of 1000th of a human hair, the polymer coating protects devices without changing their appearance or usability.

The coating not only protects the surface but more importantly protects the internal circuitry from corrosion.

As with all cool technology under development, the initial interest in this has been from the British military. The thinking behind it is that not only can Aridion be used to protect delicate equipment, but it can also be used on clothing to protect soldiers from rain and from certain chemical weapons.

So is Aridion coming to a store near you? P2i is already working with several major mobile device manufacturers to install polymer coating machines at their plants. Chances are pretty good that your next smartphone will come with a liquid-proof coating.

by Bill Kapsidelis

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