//Grandparents Gone Wired

Grandparents Gone Wired

More and more seniors are looking for ways to connect with their children and grandchildren by going online. But if your grandparents aren’t tech savvy, how do you get them started?

Dosomething.org has created a campaign to called Grandparents Gone Wired to encourage grandkids to help their grandparents get connected. According to their stats, only 53% of seniors regularly access the internet. This leaves a whopping 47% unconnected.

Their free downloadable guide offers teaching tips for young people to assist even the most technologically challenged senior. The guide includes the basics for Facebook, Skype, Email and even the basic set up for PC, Mac or iPad.

Simple things like cleaning up unused icons and organizing the home screen/desktop can make computing a lot less stressful for someone not accustomed to it. The guide also offers some conversation starters to establish an understanding what the person would like to be able to do online.

Technology is also a consideration when helping them get connected. Tablets can be easy to use but some seniors may prefer a physical keyboard. Showing them how to use e-reader apps such as Nook and Kindle can be a great way to get them used to touching the screen.

Simple netbooks such as the Google Chromebooks are perfect for seniors looking to mainly surf the internet, use social media and email. Remember to take into account the need for larger fonts during setup.

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